Monday, June 20, 2005

iTunes "Heavy Rotation" list for June 2005

Even though these songs are all over the style map, they all sound like they belong on the soundtrack of my summer. Burn these tracks to a CD, and I'm fairly certain they'd sound great while you had a BBQ with friends out on the back patio.

For the record, the Shuggie Otis and Rascals tracks make me feel very cheerful.
  1. "Funny Little Feeling" Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers
  2. "E-Pro" Beck
  3. "Till I Get to You" Nikka Costa
  4. "A Letter to Dominique" Louis XIV
  5. "Title and Registration" Death Cab for Cutie
  6. "Strawberry Letter 23" Shuggie Otis
  7. "Melissa" The Allman Brothers Band
  8. "Beverly Hills" Weezer
  9. "Jerk It Out" Caesars
  10. "A Beautiful Morning" The Rascals

About this list
A smart playlist in iTunes tracks the playcounts of the songs I've added to my collection in the last 100 days. The list gives a quick peek into the music that I've recently discovered (or rediscovered).

You're encouraged to make suggestions of new stuff, or to post your own "Heavy Rotation" lists in the comments area. Nobody ever takes me up on the suggestion, but I'll just keep on asking.

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