Monday, May 16, 2005

iTunes "Heavy Rotation" list for May 2005

Next verse, same as the first:
  1. "Opposite Day" Andrew Bird
  2. "The Buzz Is Over" The Mates
  3. "Breakdown" Jack Johnson
  4. "Funny Little Feeling" Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers
  5. "Joke" The Mates
  6. "Cheating Man" Anthony David
  7. "E-Pro" Beck
  8. "Son of Sam" Elliott Smith
  9. "Breakthrough" Jazzyfatnastees
  10. "A Letter to Dominique" Louis XIV
Despite lots of new songs on my headphones, only two new songs have cracked the heavy rotation list so far. There's the new Beck (of course) (if you know me), and the rompy rogue's anthems of Louis XIV. About Louis XIV: dirty, dirty, dirty. Tsk tsk tsk. On the one hand, I should be ashamed. On the other hand, that's sort of the point. I detest rock musicians who take themselves too seriously (die, Michael Stipe, die!); these guys clearly don't. This is the music for the here and now, to fuel a multitude of glam-n-crotch rock fantasies. Unless your pulse has totally gone silent, there's still room in any rock fan's collection for a wreckless and appalling good time. Just don't tell mom.

About this list
A smart playlist in iTunes tracks the playcounts of the songs I've added to my collection in the last 100 days. The list gives a quick peek into the music that I've recently discovered (or rediscovered).

You're encouraged to make suggestions of new stuff, or to post your own "Heavy Rotation" lists in the comments area.

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