Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Smackdown in the Senate

So, anybody else having the vague sense that the current battle royale over the so-called "nuclear option" is nothing more than a pro wrestling match, full of bluster and postering, but with a predertimined outcome?

I'm glad that the Dems are fighting for something, and bad judicial appointments are worth fighting over. But the way that both parties are talking about the current moves and counter-moves has nothing to do with using the better argument to win the day. Both sides are keeping their fans riled up.

Frist: You cowards, you're afraid to vote, because then you'll have to show that you're all satanists. Well, what are you going to do when we take away your filibuster? Then we'll send you back to the hellmouth you came from. [Frist fans cheer.]

Reid: Oh yeah? Well we'll no longer continue the practice of comity, you rabid zealots. You want your judges? Fine. Good luck having to explain why you voted against women, veterans, senior citizens, and refuse to pay for what you spend. [Democrats clap and whistle approval.]

How much do you want to bet that after everybody gets their soundbites on TV news, and milks their donors for an extra few million in the warchest, the Dems let em' have six of the ten and everybody punches out for the day, filibuster and committee processes unaltered?


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