Monday, January 03, 2005

iTunes "Heavy Rotation" list for January 2005

A lot of tracks have been retired from the heavy rotation list this month. This month's Top Ten:
  1. "What You Waiting For" Gwen Stefani
  2. "Pressure Point" The Zutons
  3. "Fell in Love with a Boy" Joss Stone
  4. "Full Moon In My Soul" Robyn Hitchcock
  5. "Heroes and Villains" Brian Wilson
  6. "What Katie Did" The Libertines
  7. "Saturday Night" Ozomatli
  8. "Sex, Love & Money" Mos Def
  9. "Days of Our Lives" De La Soul
  10. "Monkey to Man" Elvis Costello & The Imposters
The theme for this month seemed to be "Renewed relevance," with half the slots occupied by artists who had an earlier heyday. (Wilson, Hitchcock, De La, Costello, and even Stefani to a certain extent.) The Libertines get points for sounding exactly like an earlier band. (Referring to The Jazz Butcher, for all you 80's college radio fans.)

Damn that Gwen Stefani...such an ear virus!

About this list
A smart playlist in iTunes tracks the playcounts of the songs I've added to my collection in the last 100 days. The list gives a quick peek into the music that I've recently discovered (or rediscovered).

You're encouraged to make suggestions of new stuff, or to post your own "Heavy Rotation" lists in the comments area.

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