Tuesday, September 07, 2004

iTunes "Heavy Rotation" list for September 2004

One of my smart playlists tracks the playcounts of the songs I've added to my iTunes collection in the last 100 days. It gives a nice little peek into the music that I've recently discovered (or rediscovered). For the last 100 days, here are the Top 10 tracks on the Heavy Rotation list:
  1. "Unsatisfied" The Replacements

  2. "The Other Side of This Life" David Byrne

  3. "What's Your Name?" The King of France

  4. "Gay Messiah" Rufus Wainwright

  5. "My Coco" Stellastarr*

  6. "Free" The Donavon Frankenreiter Band

  7. "The Best of All Possible Worlds" Eddie Spaghetti

  8. "What's Happenin'" Method Man & Busta Rhymes

  9. "Combat Baby" Metric

  10. "Still in Love Song" The Stills
I love to get tips from fellow music lovers, so please send 'em in.

[Note: the August list was originally published on my other site, Think Thunk. All future updates will be posted here.]


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