Sunday, August 15, 2004

You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.

Michael Moore has some embarrassing footage of Porter Goss admitting that he's not qualified for a job in today's CIA. Of course, the White House doesn't address it with the obvious fine answer--"Goss was referring in the clip to his qualifications as a field agent today. As a highly respected leader in House Intelligence, he's an excellent candidate to lead the agency, because he's profoundly aware of the complexities of modern intelligence challenges we face in the world." Instead, they called Moore's charge "ridiculous hearsay".

Uh, guys, it's on videotape. It's not hearsay if we can all plainly hear Goss make the remarks in his own words. Do you guys have a dictionary floating around on one of your desks?

As a left-leaner, I'm not exactly thrilled about Moore's ascendancy as the torch bearer for Bush criticism. If I had to pick a champion, it would be somebody with a little more gravitas. But methinks this gang may be underestimating their opponent this time. If you keep responding by dismissing opponents instead of responding with substance, sooner or later, your precious independent voters are going to see through the hollow rhetoric. (Hey, keep it up!)

And while we're at it: Alanis--no it isn't ironic. It's just unfortunate coincidence.


Blogger The Lioness said...

There you go, I agree. I will not be surprised if Michael Moore ends up the victim of a bad hit-and-run or if his brakes one day simply cease to work. Misteriously, of course. As for Alanis, I'm so glad you said that, it's aggravated me for years now! I cannot listen to the song (it's not only the misuse of the word, the videoclip makes her look demented and who needs to see that). I suppose she already was too angry in school to really pay attention.

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