Friday, May 27, 2005

Open letter to local Democratic chairperson

"I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat."
-Will Rogers

Dear Mr. L______,

My wife and I wish to thank you for your courteous reminder about the May 17th, 2005 primary election, especially since it arrived on Saturday, May 21, just in time to stave off our complete confusion. What with the candidates that nobody had bothered previously to tell us anything about, and the new polling locations, it was really useful to have your missive to set us straight. We promptly jumped in our time machine, set the dial back four days, and accordingly placed our votes. Being proud Dems, we made sure to "carpool" several of our Democratic neighbors, but even so, our time machine is something of a clunker. It guzzles a lot of fossil fuels, so it doesn't make us feel environmentally responsible to use it, except in emergencies. In the future, we can all do our part for the township, if not the world, if you will please just send your election reminders to us the Saturday BEFORE the election.

Eric Behrens

The explanation is that the mailing house didn't mark the letters as political priority mail; they didn't arrive on time, even though they went out before the election.

Warning, also, that apparently sending rude and sarcastic letters to the local party chairperson is a surefire way of being invited to volunteer.


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