Sunday, February 05, 2006

Renewable friendship

Pet StoreSometimes as kids are putting together how the world works, they mix things together. And the creativity is simultaneously beautiful and creepy. Booch walked by me this morning with his stuffed cat, Noodle, under his arm. Noodle is a constant companion; he sleeps with Noodle every night and plays with him all day long.
Lad: I took Noodle's dreams away.
Dad: You took them away? Why?
Lad: Because he was bad. Then I tried to put them back. But it didn't work, because he was broken, so I'm going to throw him away and get a new one.
Dad: Poor Noodle. You don't want to throw away your old friend, do you?
Lad: Sure. We'll chop him up into pieces and throw him into an oven and melt him down. And then the trash truck will crunch munch him and make him into five new ones. And then we'll get a new one.

Or I'll put him out in the trash, and Santa will bring a new one.
A few minutes later, to himself...
He's my favorite friend in the whole world. He's just melted up.

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