Sunday, January 22, 2006

Blogging for Choice

I've been a pro-choice man as long as I have been political enough to take a stand on the issue.

I'm willing to accept that the issue of abortion is an important moral issue. Yet I hardly consider it the most important moral issue. Life belongs to the living, and I'm far more concerned with the matters pertaining to humans, including the other five or six billion people with whom I share the planet. I care about not just the mere fact of our existence, but in the quality of our lives: our health, our safety, our freedom. With keeping the planet habitable for all of us.

I have yet to hear of an argument for the pro-life position that isn't ultimately a religious argument. Literally 100% of the pro-life people I have ever met based their best arguments on their religious beliefs. And if the sudden and arbitrary appropriation of another person's body to enforce the perceived law of a deity isn't the imposition of religion by the state, I don't know what is. Not all of us have a conception of life that is granted to us by a maker, nor believe in an immortal soul. So you'll have to pardon me while I insist that the termination of an embryo is NOT provably an immoral act.

So step off with your self-righteous moralizing, religious right-wingers. Until you show equal or greater zeal for opposing war and genocide, ending poverty (or hunger), and protecting people from all forms of tyranny, you're just throwing stones in your glass houses. Heck, wanna start with just providing a basic level of health care for all the people who live within our own nation's borders?


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