Monday, January 16, 2006

Specter, you kumquat

Remember how Arlen Specter is all up in our faces every six years with his "Ich bin ein pro-choicer" routine? And dya remember when Arlen Specter warned the President not to send pro-life SCOTUS nominees? And then remember how the President did anyway? And how there were even documents written by Alito expressing those views?

Arlen Specter. Originally uploaded by eshm.
Specter says that he intends to vote to confirm Alito. He made the announcement because, he claims, he doesn't want to be coy with the press.

Hey, Arlen, instead of worrying about the press, why not worry about how coy you've been with your constituents? Many of your voters are moderate, pro-choice Dems who split their tickets for you...and without whom you would probably have failed to last so long given the attacks you always took from your right flank.

There actually is very little that a U.S. Senator can do to flex their muscles on the issue of abortion. You get your chance, and roll over.


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