Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A better recommendation system for Amazon shoppers

We love Amazon. But Amazon's system for giving recommendations can be plum weird. If I order an iPod, for some reason they think that this means I might be interested in knowing about other iPods. If I buy an ink cartridge for a printer, do they really think I want to know about more ink cartridges? And not every purchase should be weighted as heavily as every other purchase.

But these are flukes that come from recommendations based on purchase history. I don't even bother with Amazon's recommendations anymore.

Kate and my brother, André, decided to take matters into their own hands. Their answer: Favorite 5. The site invites members to identify their true favorites among books, movies and music. In this way, over time, they may be able to help you build up a great network of recommenders whose tastes are compatible with your own.

Help 'em grow, kids. The system is up-n-running in public beta while they build up the database. The interfaces is pretty impressive, and getting better every day. See ya there.


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