Tuesday, January 03, 2006

"You know, for kids!" (Religion and Games)

Hey kids, let's play a game. Why play ordinary Hangman like the heathen children down the street, when you can play Bible Hangman?

From the game description provided by developer Ken Winograd: "Hangman Bible is a religious-themed, fun, non-violent, word-guessing game featuring colorful graphics, digitized sounds and ease-of-use. Hangman Bible is an educational family game, and suitable for use in Sunday Schools."

"Now kids, if you can't spell 'Deuteronomy,' I'm afraid this little fella is going to have to die!"

Now do you effete northern liberals finally understand why the good Christians in the Bible belt are so fond of the death penalty? After all, a righteous hangin' is both fun and non-violent! Stay tuned for version 2.o, which will feature new screens for Bible Rackman (Inquisition-style) and Bible Witchburning.


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