Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Lion Doesn't Sleep Tonight (Politics in the Christmas Season)

I hate waking up every day, especially at this time of the year, wondering what previous freedom we're supposed to have to defend today. Honestly, I'd love to be able to a little bipartisan at this time of the year. Would love to lay down the arms and be charitable in spirit. I'd like to have something I could say about my President that "At least he does a good job with ______."

But now the administration isn't just talking about stretching it's executive power, it's making up new powers out of thin air. For the party of less government, I'm perpetually astonished by how much more power they want government to have.

Remember back when we used to hear the "gridlock" meme? Ah, wasn't gridlock nice?

Sing with me:

God rest ye, fellow citizen, let nothing you dismay
You know that in less than a year you'll see election day
So brace yourself 'gainst sins and lies from Bush and Tom Delay
O, Tidings of hol-iday joy, holiday joy. O tidings of hol-iday joy.


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