Monday, January 30, 2006

Swords and Axes

The lad and I were playing castle tonight. Noodle, his favorite stuffed animal, was the dragon who was was looting the kingdom. The young knight poked the dragon a few times with his sword (aka, a mop) before coming up with a less violent solution. He put the dragon into a cave, where he would have to stay until he'd stop attacking the kingdom. In other words, the dragon was given a timeout.

A little later, he started to play rougher, and I had to stop him when he (accidentally) whacked me with a toy axe. I said that we needed to stop playing fighting games.
Lad: Okay...umm...let's play...swords and axes!
Me: Swords and axes?! That sounds like a fighting game
Lad: No, daddy. It's about dancing.

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Blogger Ryan said...

It's times like these where I so dearly wish that my life had a 'record' option just to relive little treasures like that quote.

Maybe a pause, slow-mo, and volume control as well. Those would sure come in handy.


8:50 PM  

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