Saturday, January 28, 2006

Terror, terror, terror. And bees.

Through the election season(s), Fafblog sustained me as if it were a very...sustaining...food. Like cheese. Yes. It was a Stilton, I think. But funnier.

Lately, this country has gotten so out of whack, I was losing my ability to laugh at satire. Thank the mighty heavens that Fafnir posted this one this week:
A. Well if you want, the president can stop the illegal wiretapping just for you.
Q. Really? Well thanks, that'd be great!
A. And then the terrorists can come and eat you.
Q. Wait! What?
A. Cause without the wiretaps there's nothin to stop the terrorists from eatin you, yknow. The terrorists and their army of bees.
Q. Oh no! I'm allergic to terrorists AND bees!
A. Oh that's too bad, cause now the president hasta stop the illegal wiretaps and let alllll those terrorist bees eat you.
Q. Quick! Put the wiretaps back, put the wiretaps back!


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