Thursday, February 02, 2006

Lobster night

It's not as yummy as it sounds, but it was pretty entertaining. Our story begins with "Rock Lobster" playing while the lad and I were hanging out in the kitchen. He did not know what a 'wawbster' was. So I drew him a picture, which prompted him to say, as he picked up his crayon:
I'm not going to draw a rock lobster. Mine is going to be a brick lobster. I saw that in Ocean City. I took a picture of it...to show you. It had an orange belly, and yellow eyes, and big pinchies on its head.
Lobsterman!So that, of course, brought us to the computer to find pictures of lobsters. "Where is its mouth?" Thanks to the Lobster Conservancy, we found the answers to that question and more. "I'll find lobsters on the Internet for you," he informed me.

But what learning activity would be complete for a boy of four without first passing it through the superhero filter? And that brings us to Lobsterman! As he posed for these pictures in the costume he assembled, his mom noted that he had a consistent pose. To which he replied matter-of-factly, "I have a consistent pose, because that's the way I look, Mom."

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