Thursday, July 14, 2005

What it's come to...

I'm getting a little concerned about some of my liberal friends. We, the ennumerated members of the reality-based community may be losing sight of our values in the name of fighting back.

Scrivener bundled up and expanded on some of the speculations and rumors that are circulating in the left wing noise machine. (Damn right, we have one too!) A lot of discussion of this topic is filling up the blogs of my favorite bloggers, despite the fact that most of us don't really have any real information to contribute to the discussion. Of what possible use is innuendo?

I'll be really tacky and basically recite my response from his comment thread here.

I'm just as sick about this administration and the contempt it displays for little-l liberal traditions and good governance.

But come on! Blumenthal's a white hat, but his objectivity on this issue is suspect. He's both a party hack, and a guy who will forever be bitter about the crap the Clinton Admin. had to put up with.

Sounds like a delusional far-flung conspiracy theory that Miller went to jail to protect herself. After all, she's, you know, in jail. And the standard for any dissemination that may have occurred appears to be far greater for somebody who didn't have security clearance and may not have known the full implications of the information. And there's the whole fifth ammendment to protect anyone from self-incrimination. Finally, if she had material evidence that she'd committed a crime, she wouldn't be able to shield it from the prosecutor. This insinuation doesn't wash, IMO.

Listen, I know we all want some heads to roll, but I think we should care more about figuring out the truth than falling into the trap of wildly speculating on pet theories. We, the general lefty types, risk our credibility when we start playing this game.

The truth will out. Ok, the truth might out. How about we just focus on making sure it does.

**IF** felonies were committed rising to the level speculated, they would be far more serious abuses of power than Watergate was. Solemnity is required.

Politics is bloodsport, but accountability of our government is essential to the future of democracy. That kind of issue is bigger than partisan warfare. (It still is, isn't it?)


Blogger Scrivener said...

Go read the Krugman editorial today.

11:35 AM  
Blogger EB said...

That Rove is toxic isn't really up for debate, at least between you and me, is it?

1:45 PM  

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