Friday, February 10, 2006

The primary is over. The race begins.

I guess I won't have to fret over choosing between Lentz and Sestak. Ed Rendell stepped in and orchestrated a deal for Lentz to end his challenge for the U.S. House in favor of running for the State House seat (PA-161) currently occupied by Tom Gannon. A part of me is disappointed, because I actually think party star chambers shouldn't choose candidates. (Least of all Delco Dems Chair Cliff Wilson.) But I'm going to get over it quickly. For starters, I've met both men and have very positive impressions of both, as I've posted before. Secondly, 2006 is a rare opportunity to make some serious headway on a number of fronts. It is probably the appropriate use of all resources (including top-notch candidates) to make sure that every possible race is credibly challenged.

I'll be happy to work actively for both candidates.

You can read more at delcotimes.com, Daily Kos, or Garnet Donkey (Swarthmore College's Young Democrats).

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