Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Glove

In our continuing collection of cool conversations with my preschool-age son, we have this little bedtime exchange that made this daddy's heart go pitter pat.

Me: I hope the Angels win the game tonight. I hope they beat the Yankees.
He: Do you like the Yankees?
Me: I don't like the Yankees.
He: I do not like the Yankees also. Why do we not like the Yankees?
Me: Those Yankees have won too many times. I like other teams to get a chance to win.
He: Like the Phillies!
Me: (excitedly) Yes! You're right! I really want the Phillies to win. But they can't win this year. They're all done playing for this year. But maybe next year the Phillies can win.
He: (whispers in a conspiritorial tone, and points at me) Yes, maybe next year the Phillies can win.

Cheers, my little one. Tonight, the baseball gods have shone down on your little head. The Yankees (boooo!) have been vanquished by the Angels (yaaaaay!). The Astros (yaaaay!) have dispatched those infernal Braves (hissssss!)

And Ed Wade's terrifying reign of incompitence has finally been brought to an end in our town.


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