Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ladies & Gentlemen: We Have Attitude

Let's face it, nobody wants to hear what I say. If you're reading this blog at all, you're hoping I'll just shut up and tell you a funny story about what my young son is doing these days. (It's ok, I'm really not offended.)

Because you have to give the people what they want, here's the story of last night's bedtime conversation. In this scene, our intrepid lad is finally in bed, tucked into his covers. His father is kneeling beside the bed, and leans in to give his lad's forehead a kiss. The following dialogue really did pour out of the mouth of a boy of three:
Boy: Ok, now can you just go?
Dad: I thought I'd just stay here for a moment with you before you go to sleep.
Boy: What are you people doing to me? WHAT are you people doing to me? (Sits up with a jolt?) WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING TO ME?
Dad: Gee, I thought I was just giving my little boy some love.
Boy: I don't want any love. Stop giving me this love. I don't want to be loved. Now can you just go?
Dad: Uh, ok.
Quite a flair for the dramatic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this were a science fiction story, you would later find out that he had just been possessed by his time-travelling teenaged self.


9:58 AM  

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