Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Free EB! Free EB!

People, I need some help!

I can't believe I'm making a third post on this, but the saga of the vast suckitude that is Verizon continues at our domicile. To recap, 'twas a full week ago today that we reported our complete and utter lack of dial tone throughout our residence. (Indeed, we verified that dial tone is not available to the terminal on the outside of the house.)

To further recap:
  • Last Friday was the first appointment we were offered. Verizon was a no-show and a no-call.
  • When we called on Friday evening, they said they would be out on Saturday. On Saturday, Verizon was a no-show and a no-call.
  • On Saturday, we experienced just how badly we could expect to be treated by Verizon customer service.
  • On Sunday, nothing.
  • Monday? No-show, no-call.
On Tuesday, it gets cute again! After our nth call, we're informed that Verizon has been out to our site, and fixed the problem. The ticket has been closed. Of course, there's no dial tone in the house or at the exterior access panel.

On Wednesday, we're told that the earliest anybody can get out to the house is... Friday!

I know what you're thinking: it's de ja vu all over again! Or maybe they're caught in a loop of the time space continuum, like in that cool episode of Star Trek TNG where they figure out they've all exploded to bits several times in a row, so Data has to send a coded message to himself through time using tachyon particles!

I know I won't be sending a message to myself through time using my telephone. O, if only I could, my message to myself would be: "Find another phone company."

If you have a blog, and you have any love for your fellow man, please link to this post. It won't actually get our phone service restored, but at least we'll have the comforting reassurance that our linked messages will linger in google-space for many years, reaching out to future generations to tell them that once there was here a family who lived in a house; and that family was safe and happy until the evil, bad phone company called Verizon stripped them of their ability to communicate with the outside world. (See, it's just like that episode of TNG, where....)

Earthlings, beware!


Blogger Laura said...

That truly sucks! I love that Star Trek episode though. I do hope you're not caught in it. This would be a perfect post for Phantom's Wednesday Whining. There are prizes and everything.

6:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know what to do about this customer service problem. We've been thinking of switching our cell phone service to Verizon from Cingular, since Cingular has been an unmitigated disaster from our perspective in customer-service terms. (Most notably, when they acquired AT&T, whom we used to be customers of, they tried to bill us for four rather than two phones, and trying to fix that took months of effort and constant run-arounds.)

But it's pretty clear Verizon's no better. This also goes for thinking about them as a high-speed ISP; we're not fond of Comcast in many ways either (just had an amazing experience when a tech showed up to set up a DVR service for us and I had to show him how to do it rather than the other way around; he tried to just leave the box and run *after* he disabled the existing service, saying someone would come in a week to finish the installation).

Screwed in all directions, and of course, they all know it. It's a kind of unplanned, emergent monopoly logic, or a game-theory problem. If everyone's got bad customer service, and no one really improves it, no one needs to improve it, since customers won't be able to make preferential choices based on customer service.


10:03 AM  

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