Saturday, March 18, 2006

When you know your child is gonna grow up just fine.

Normally my parenting posts and political posts don't converge, but today they are joined.

Son-of-ours wanted to know what his daddy was reading on the computer this morning. I explained it was news about an election.

Me: People are talking about who should be our next president. Who do you think we should pick to be the president?
Lad: We should pick a lady. [Parents beam.]
Me: I think so too. That would be a really good thing.
Lad: We should pick a lady who won't lose.

I also told him that there was going to be an election between Santorum and Casey. I explained that Santorum was our current senator, but that a lot of people were tired of him, and that mommy and daddy were going to vote for somebody else.

He offered only a two word response, "Santorum out!" and pointed his thumb over his shoulder.

Kid, you are just too cool for words.

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