Monday, March 06, 2006

Plea to science fiction scriptwriters

We're not really big science fiction fans in our household, but we've been cowed by critics and friends into finally watching the DVD's of the Battlestar Gallactica remake. Indeed, they are as good as advertised. My favorite part is that the scripts spare no one. Being innocent or helpless does not protect a character. Cute kids are kinda the red shirts of this universe.

The constant threats of complete annihilation raise the table stakes.

Just one small kvetch, since both Gallactica and The Matrix used the premise that the machines wanted access to the human mainframes. Dear writers: the word is mainframe is soooooo 1982. I know how hard it is to write about fictional technology without sounding bogus. But your core audience for this stuff is very tech-savvy, and it just makes you sound like posers when you use dead slang that the cool geeks would never use.

Ok. You may resume scary, scary Cylon assault.

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