Thursday, March 09, 2006

We're all dopes in the ports show

Fearful of a mid-term election that could "go national," "spell realignment," or "trigger armageddon," how thrilled are Congressional Republicans right now? RoveBushCo handed them the big fat present in the ports fiasco: an issue that they can showcase back home in tight races to distance themselves from an unpopular administration. In fact, I'm sure there were some that were looking forward to a veto, just so they could override it.

Surely the President wanted the the deal to go through, but I doubt that the politcal arm of the administration was afraid to sacrifice it. A corporate sale left incomplete is not the kind fiasco that could tarnish a legacy, and it sure takes our attention off of the whole corruption meme that would otherwise be dominating the news cycles for the last few weeks.

Xenophobia sells. Truly, a master stroke. Watch congressional approval numbers get an uptick in next week's polls.

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Blogger theBhc said...

Hey EB,

We are on the same track here. I have been posting quite a bit about this since the first days.

check out

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This one was not quite on target considering that DPW just backed out. Although, you really have to wonder just what that really means.
Due Diligence

and a final bellow:

A Mighty Wind

let me know what you think.



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