Monday, November 07, 2005

Off to the Polls

This is a topic with a very small radius of interest, but in eight hours the polls will open in our neighborhood in a local-only election. Strangely enough, it has been the campaign season in which I've been the most involved. I've been working for months as campaign manager for Deena Beard. She is running for Township Commissioner as a Democrat in a ward where registered Republicans outnumber Democrats by about 2.5 to 1. She's run a good race, and I'm proud of the association.

The attention tomorrow will be on reading the national tea leaves from governors' races in Virginia and New Jersey. But in less glamorous places, some of us will be working to ensure competent, independent-minded representatives to be good stewards for our home communities. Here's a salute to everybody who will be out tomorrow working for a good candidate for a school board or local council-- especially the ones who are putting up a good fight for accountable government in places where political machines churn along to prop up the interests of insiders.

I'll have 13 hours on the pavement tomorrow, plus some time inside as a watcher. Wish us luck.


Blogger Laura said...

Hope everything went well. We gained two commissioner seats--yay!

10:29 PM  

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