Friday, October 29, 2004

If I could save time in a bottle.

I took my final moments to myself this evening before the great big push to election day. We took the little guy to see a Beijing opera performance of "The Adventures of the Monkey King" at the College's Performing Arts Center.

O, the look of wonder in a two year-old's eyes as he absorbs the drumming, the movement, and the color of theater....I could have spent the whole time just looking at him. Every time a performer left the stage, he could barely contain himself, telling him mommy "more, again." (He still thinks we can control the universe.) If only we could, little one. If only we could.

'Twas my second time in the Lang Performing Arts Center in two days. Yesterday morning, I attended a Democratic rally headlined by Howard Dean. I was not a Deaniac, and I don't know why. Dean's political agenda probably most closely matched my own. For some reason, I just couldn't "feel the man," by whatever brew of personal chemistry seemed to turn off lots of other primary watchers. I guess I like him a lot more now that he's no longer a candidate. He's a fine small-d democrat. I hope he's able to keep the D.F.A. going strong after the election. I generally agree that we need to support challengers in every election. For now, we may not be able to win most of those seats, but we never will if nobody shows up and makes the case.

I missed the Clinton rally. I'd have liked to be there, but I'm also not a huge crowd guy. I was glad I got to hear Dean. It was energizing enough to keep me going for a few more days.

Hush little baby, don't say a word. Daddy's going to get you a new president.


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