Thursday, October 21, 2004

Thank you voters, I needed that

I grabbed the canvassing list of 20 voters on a street a few blocks from home on Wednesday. In just under an hour of hoofing, I had received assurances from fourteen of the sixteen who were home that they'd be there on election day to vote for Kerry. I even got a couple offers of hot beverages (respectfully declined). This convinced me that my previous lull really was more a function of my exhaustion than a reflection of mass psychology...Unless the mood in the neighborhood really changed that much in just a few days. Nah, it was me.

Then my little boy of two warmed his daddy's heart by being a little chip off the old block. During the Cards/Astros game tonight, an ad came on for Bush—or was it a public service announcement from Fox? (In which case, where's the Kerry one?) (What gives, guys?) A picture of Bush came on the screen, and without any other remark from anybody else in the room, he huffed: "No! Bush!"

That's my boy!


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that's just awesome


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